he school aims to effect a unique balance between the richness of Indian tradition and new era of Infotech education. Saltlake Shiksha Niketan shall strive for excellence and endeavour to inculcate the spirit of professional advancement in its students.

The vision that inspires our endeavour to create individuals of exceptional intellect, integrity, moral strength and courage who can rise to the challenge. As an educational portal of international standard, we aim to provide a platform of excellence by sowing the seeds of intellect at an early age. To groom and nurture all round growth through cultural, human and moral citizens of tomorrow to meet global challenges of a global society while retaining our rich heritage and ethos.

  • The school offers a pragmatic and qualitative all round education to its students.
  • All students are challenged to reach their optimum learning ability.
  • A congenial climate is created in the school to promote student self esteem, support individual creativity and encourage constructive group interaction.
  • The school promotes a programme which encourages the development of a initiative, responsibility and decision making in students. This encourages them to work independently and co-operatively, and develop their creative abilities and communication skills.
  • Adequate and well equipped facilities provide for the pursuit of a variety of physically and educationally appropriate co-curricular activities and there by facilitate career orientation, self sufficiency and the development of specific skills.
  • The school draws continuously upon contemporary educational developments, while retaining its emphasis on India’s history, culture, art and tradition and consciously exposes students to the best of both.
  • The school arrives to develop its students respect for all religions and understanding of the rights and responsibilities involved in being a member of the society.